Bush Chicks

Bush Chicks is a place you can have your video posted with others like you.  All you do is have a video made of you doing something in the forest. It can be a selfie or have a friend help you. Send it to us and after approval it can be placed in the Bush Chicks You Tube Channel and maybe on the Bush Chicks web page as well. We can rough edit and connect clips and even add music so your video will have a professional flow to it. You can then copy the address and send it to friends, family, model agencies or anywhere. This is all Free. Girls only for now.

It’s best to hold the phone horizontally to avoid black spaces on either side of the video but vertical videos can be used. There are some rules that follow most YouTube and other public viewing protocols. 

You can use any type of video camera, GoPro, phone, DSLR, drone or any thing that makes a video. Do a selfie or  get friend with a video camera or phone to shoot and send it to us on Wetransfer.com.

If you run into trouble getting someone we may  be able to help.

We are selecting 3 participants for a full creative video with sound, music and drone Free of charge.